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What Kind Of Dreams Do You Have For Your Backyard?
Imagine having the fun and relaxation of a beach getaway just steps away. No driving, no traffic, no crowds. Just long, hot, busy days and weeks coming to an end in your own private oasis.
Terry Howald has been making backyard dreams like this come true since 1980. His pools, spas and waterfalls have earned him over 80 design awards. He knows that when done right, a pool is a backyard paradise.


How Much Is It Going To Cost?
Whether you’re ready to buy or budgeting for the future, figuring out the cost is pretty straight forward. Terry deals with each sale personally. There’s no guess work. He knows the right questions to ask so that when you leave you know the exact price of what you’re getting. In the end, the cost will depend on your budget and the choices you make designing it.

Each pool starts in Terry’s showroom with a blueprint or sketch of your yard and a quote sheet listing all the possible features. You choose the size, shape and depth of your pool. Then add in any other features you want: stairs, slide, waterfall, spa…It’s all up to you!

What you end up with are some sample designs with an accurate price. Terry knows this is an important investment and stands by his low-key sales style: there’s never any pressure. Your financial commitment doesn’t start until the day Terry and his crew arrives to dig the hole.

”We treat customers the way we want to be treated. The bottom line is: If we can’t supply you with a pool or spa at a very reasonable price and save you money then we're not doing our job.”


When Can It Be Ready?
Pool building season starts as soon as the snow melts. Weather permitting, and with all the contractors properly coordinated, a pool can be completed in five to ten days. Delays are almost unheard because Terry Howald Pools Inc. owns all the equipment needed to build a pool – dump trucks, excavators, loaders and a stone slinger.

Installations are booked as early as November for the following spring. By March available dates start filling up. We use nothing but the best . That’s the way it works!

Today, over in 3000 ground pools across southern Ontario have come from Terry Howald. Getting them all through the winter without any problems is a top priority. That’s why Terry puts only the best quality products in people’s yards. His showroom has the largest indoor display in Ontario, exhibiting a complete line of the most modern pool equipment available.


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